Divine Revenge in Roman Britain

An excerpt taken from a lecture by Ronald Hutton called 'Paganism in Roman Britain'

What was religion like in Roman Britain? What pre-Roman deities persisted? Which new gods came with Romans?

This lecture looks at the evidence: inscriptions, statues and figurines, carvings and all the impediments of ritual, as well as the testimony of hundreds of burials. It shows how the Romans developed the cults of native deities such as Sulis and Belatucadros, and imported their own official divinities such as Jupiter and Mercury and mystery religions such as that of Mithras.

Watch the full lecture here: https://www.gresham.ac.uk/watch-now/paganism-roman

Professor Ronald Hutton

Professor Ronald Hutton

Professor of Divinity

Professor Hutton is Professor of History at the University of Bristol. He took degrees at Cambridge and then Oxford Universities, and was a fellow of...

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