Elgar and Musical Modernism: A performance by the Alea String Quartet

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This is the fourth part of the all-day event. It is a musical recital by the Alea String Quartet (Amanda Lake and Esther King, violins; Clare Fox, viola; Angélique Lihou, cello), with Daniel de Fry (harp).

Arnold Bax - Quintet for String Quartet and Harp (1919)

I.   Tempo moderato
II.  Tranquillo
III. Tempo primo

Convenors: Dr Paul Harper-Scott, Royal Holloway, University of London and Dr Daniel Grimley, University of Nottingham

The Institute of Musical Research, under the direction of Professor Katherine Ellis, is part of the University of London's School of Advanced Study, and was established to promote and foster the extraordinary richness of musical research in progress countrywide. It serves the university and conservatoire sector while building ties with other music-related organisations, and provides a base for visiting scholars from the UK and overseas.


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This event was on Fri, 14 Dec 2007


The Alea String Quartet

The Alea String Quartet was formed at the Royal College of Music in 2003 where it was coached by members of the Chilingirian Quartet, and...

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