Measuring Up Cities: Rough Around The Edges? (Panel Discussion)

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Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli leads a panel of experts in discussion of the issues raised at the Long Finanace Measuring Up Cities Conference. The panel includes physicist Dr Hyejin Youn, Professor Tony Travers of LSE and Martin Houghton, an economicresearch consultant. Together they examine the issues raised during the conference. They debate the possible futures of city life and they discuss how vital it is that we understand the cities of today. 

The panel also accepts questions from the audience on the importance of data in governance, changing cities to adpt to a changing world as well as the necessity of infrastrucure projects like High Speed 2 and Heathrow's Third Terminal. 

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This event was on Thu, 30 Jan 2014


Professor Tony Travers

Professor Tony Travers is director of LSE London, a research centre at the London School of Economics.  He is also a professor in the LSE’s...

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Dr Hyejin Youn

Hyejin Youn is a senior research fellow of the Institute for New Economic Thinking at the University of Oxford and a research fellow at the...

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Martin Houghton

Associate Consultant at the economic research consultancy, TBR, Martin Houghton represents TBR in London, the Home Counties and the South East. He has nearly twenty...

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alderman professor michael mainelli

Lord Mayor Professor Michael Mainelli

Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli MStJ PhD MPhil BA FCCA FCSI(Hon) FBCS CITP FIC CMC MEI is Honorary Life Fellow of Gresham College and Emeritus Mercers'...

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