Peak Everything - Enough To Go Round?: What Role Should Finance Play?

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Panel Discussion:
Prosperity and Resource Scarcity - What Role Should Finance Play?
   Professor Paul Ekins, UCL Energy Institute
   Charles Secrett, Founder, The Robertsbridge Group
   Emin Eyi, Partner, SP Angel
   Dr Tim Morgan, Global Head of Research at Tullett Prebon Group



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Professor Paul Ekins

Paul Ekins PhD, MSc (Econ), MPhil (Peace Studies), BSc (Eng) has a PhD in economics from Birkbeck College, and a BSc in electrical engineering from...

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Charles Secrett

Charles Secrett is a Founder of The Robertsbridge Group, an Advisor on Climate and Sustainability, and a Senior Associate of the University of Cambridge Programme...

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Emin Eyi

Emin Eyi is a partner at SP Angel Corporate Finance – a boutique corporate finance company and member firm of the London Stock Exchange –...

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Dr Tim Morgan

Since September 2009, Dr Tim Morgan has been Global Head of Research at Tullett Prebon. Though his research has covered a wide range of issues...

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alderman professor michael mainelli

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli

Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business

Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli MStJ PhD MPhil BA FCCA FCSI(Hon) FBCS CITP FIC CMC MEI is Honorary Life Fellow of Gresham College and Emeritus Mercers'...

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