BBC Radio in the 78 Era (1920–1948)

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In 1920, Nellie Melba’s singing was transmitted to Europe and Newfoundland via the wireless. In 1922 the BBC began broadcasting, and from the outset sponsored new music and relayed outside broadcasts to the nation (and from 1932, to the world). 

In 1927 the BBC took over The Proms, and in 1946 the Third (alongside the Home and the Light) Programme was instituted. 

The BBC’s mission: ‘to be ahead of its public, but not so much as to lose their confidence’.

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This event was on Thu, 17 Sep 2020

Jeremy Summerly, Visiting Professor of Music History

Professor Jeremy Summerly

Visiting Professor of Music History

Jeremy Summerly is a British conductor, a Fellow of the Royal School of Church Music and was Visiting Professor of Music History at Gresham College 2019-2022.

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