Black History Month

In 2023-4 the series will focus on Black writing, from Writing after Windrush with Malachi McIntosh to Women of the Harlem Renaissance with Kate Dossett and Literary Activism in Contemporary Africa by Madhu Krishnan.

In 2022-3 the series will cover African fashion since Independence; the lost cities and civilisations of Kenya; and Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian revolution.

In 2021-2 the series covered Shakespeare, Race and Performance , The Manuscripts and Intellectual Legacy of Timbuktu and Diversity in Medieval and Early Modern England

In 2020-21 Professors discussed the Windrush Thinkers and Artists, the Dynamising of the African Creative Resistance and the African Diaspora in Britain.

In 2019-20 the lecture series looked at migration, Empire, slavery and reparations, issues that resonate to this day.

In this series