The Windrush Thinkers and Artists

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Caribbean migrants not only came to work in the buses and hospitals. Many – such as the novelists George Lamming and Sam Selvon – came to Britain in search of opportunities to be paid to think and write. Others such as Stuart Hall, Vidia Naipaul and Walter Rodney came as students. 

London also received a stream of de facto political refugees from the Caribbean and the United States, such C.L.R. James, the poet and publisher John LaRose, and Claudia Jones, the first theorist of 'intersectionality' and founder of the Notting Hill Carnival. Visual artists such as Horace Ove, Frank Bowling, and Donald Locke made painting, sculpture and film at the frontier of the avant-garde. 

From London, they reassessed the past and imagined new futures for the Caribbean, Britain and the World. We are only now beginning to see as a whole this hidden current in Twentieth-century British intellectual life.

Image © Gioconda Beekman CC BY-NC-ND

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This event was on Mon, 26 Oct 2020


Professor Richard Drayton

Richard is Rhodes Professor of Imperial History at Kings College London.

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