Russian Piano Masterpieces

It is impossible to imagine the modern piano repertoire without the contribution of Russian composers, who have provided many of its artistic and virtuosic peaks. Rachmaninov, Scriabin, and Prokofiev were inspiring pianists themselves and as composers, they were dedicated to the instrument. Others, like Musorgsky, Stravinsky, and Shostakovich, had a more complicated relationship with the piano, but their occasional works for the instrument include some of their most exciting experiments.

This course is presented in collaboration with Peter Donohoe, one of Britain’s foremost pianists, who will perform some of the featured pieces and participate in the discussion. Donohoe has most of the Russian piano repertoire under his fingers and will add his unique insights into the workings of these pieces, both on the artistic and the pianistic level. We will also explore the broader historical, cultural and aesthetic background to the repertoire.

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