Some Great Philosophers Waiting to be Rediscovered

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Most courses in History of Philosophy skip from one great philosopher to what is supposed to be the next, from Aristotle, for example, to Descartes two thousands years later. But the great philosophers did not themselves skip. They were influenced by the philosophers in between. This will be illustrated by a world-wide project to study the transition from ancient to medieval philosophy in the period 200-600AD, when Christianity was in conflict with pagan Philosophy, and ideas were mutating rapidly on both sides. Another advantage of not skipping is that we come across other great philosophers, who have not recently been recognised.

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This event was on Wed, 22 Nov 2000

professor richard sorabji fba

Professor Richard Sorabji FBA

Professor of Rhetoric

Professor Richard Sorabji was Professor of philosophy at King's College London between 1970 and 2000.  Before that he was an Associate Professor at Cornell University...

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