Lecture, Barnard's Inn Hall, Thursday, 4 May 2023 - 18:00

A History of Barts, Britain's Oldest Hospital

a painting of St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London

St Bartholomew’s is the oldest hospital in England still operating on its original site and will celebrate its 900th anniversary in 2023.

This lecture tells its history, from 1123 to today, via its people, buildings and the events that defined this iconic medical institution. Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton's work in vascular pharmacology, Sir James Paget's discovery of bone and breast disease, and Ethel Gordon Fenwick’s campaign for registered state nursing are all important elements of Barts’ history.

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Professor Charles Knight OBE

Professor Charles Knight OBE

Professor Charles Knight OBE trained at Cambridge and Oxford Universities and is a Consultant Cardiologist and Chief Executive of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.

From 2008 to...

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