Lecture, Central London, Monday, 23 Jan 2023 - 18:00

DeFi, Crypto, and NFTs in Business

a lady looking at smartphone with NFT graphics rising from it

How is the decentralised finance world organised?

This lecture discusses how cryptographic technology is applied in business. It discusses blockchains and their uses. It explains how smart contracts, open code that automatically executes contracts once certain conditions are fulfilled, are used. It will also look at non-fungible tokens, a type of cryptographic asset on a blockchain with a unique identification code and metadata that distinguishes it from any other.

Professor Raghavendra Rau

Professor Raghavendra Rau

Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Business

Professor Rau is the Sir Evelyn de Rothschild Professor of Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School. He is a past president of the European Finance...

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