Lecture, Central London, Thursday, 29 Sep 2022 - 18:00

Do We Need Juries?

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This lecture looks at the development of juries in the common law world, addressing key questions about the role of juries in England and Wales today. Juries in modern English law are mainly used in criminal trials, civil trials, and coroners’ inquests, and the English jury system differs from other common law jurisdictions, some of which use juries more, less, or not at all. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the jury system, and do jury trials or bench trials deliver fairer outcomes?

Professor Leslie Thomas QC

Professor Leslie Thomas QC

Professor of Law

Professor Leslie Thomas QC was appointed Gresham Professor of Law in 2020 and is one of the top rated silks in the country, ranked leading individual by both Chambers and the Legal 500 (2022). He has been a QC since 2014.

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