Lecture, Central London, Tuesday, 14 Feb 2023 - 18:00

What's The Problem With Encryption?

Woman in near darkness holding mobile phone up to the camera

End-to-end encryption secures messages before they leave a device, preventing them from being read in transit. Increasingly the default protocol for messaging apps, neither governments nor the platforms on which it operates can access unscrambled communications and message content. Some governments have demanded ‘back doors’ for criminal investigations, while others have exploited workarounds to access the encrypted messages of political dissidents.

This talk considers the current public discourse on online surveillance and privacy, and where society might go from here.

Dr Victoria Baines

Professor Victoria Baines

IT Livery Company Professor of Information Technology

Victoria Baines is a leading authority in the field of online trust, safety and cybersecurity. She frequently contributes to major broadcast media outlets on digital...

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