Lecture, Central London, Wednesday, 14 Sep 2022 - 18:00

Progresses: Royal Courts on the Move in Tudor and Stuart England

Hampton Court palace, reflected in a lake in the foreground

Most summers Tudor and Stuart monarchs took their court on an extended progress round the home counties staying at their own palaces and the houses of their courtiers. The cost and impact of hundreds of people, their horses and servants, was considerable; for the aristocratic hosts a royal visit was a momentous event.

This lecture draws on new research to reveal who they benefited, their impact on the economy, the landscape and on architectural ambition.

Professor Simon Thurley, Visiting Gresham Professor of the Built Environment since 2009.

Professor Simon Thurley CBE

Visiting Professor of the Built Environment

Professor Thurley is a leading architectural historian, a regular broadcaster and was, for thirteen years and Visiting Gresham Professor of the Built Environment.

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