Remembering Gresham in Your Will

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A gift in your will, no matter how large or small, is a meaningful way to support an organisation you cherish. 

Gresham College was founded in 1597 thanks to a gift in Sir Thomas Gresham’s will. It was because of his visionary attitude that we have been able to offer free public lectures of the highest quality to learners of all ages and backgrounds for over 400 years. 

We are incredibly grateful to those who choose to follow in Sir Thomas’ footsteps and leave a gift in their will to support Gresham College’s future.  

What type of gift can you leave in your will?

The two most common types of gifts in wills are:

Residuary gifts: Leaving a percentage, or sometimes all, of an estate after all other payments have been made.

Pecuniary gifts: Leaving a specific sum of money

We recommend that you explore all options with your solicitor. It is important that the gift is described precisely in your will so that the executors are clear on what you intended.  

What do I need in order to include a gift to Gresham in my will?

To include Gresham College in your will, you will need to take the following details to your solicitor:

  • Gresham College
  • Registered charity number: 1039962 
  • Registered address: Barnard’s Inn Hall, Holborn, London, EC1N 2HH.

An example of wording you could use:
‘I leave [my, or, [X]% of my residuary estate] to Gresham College, Barnards’ Inn Hall, Holborn, London, EC1N 2HH, registered charity number 1039962, for its general charitable purposes. I declare that the receipt of an authorised officer shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my personal representative.’ 

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Thank you for thinking about remembering Gresham College with a gift in your will.

If you have any questions, would like help with the process or would like to receive a copy of our legacy brochure, please contact Jus on

Download our brochure to guide you through the process of remembering Gresham College in your will: