We have a lot of history lectures and the best way to find out if we cover a particular subject, eg Slavery, Peterloo, Field of the Cloth of Gold, will be to run a search on the website.

20th Century

The Treaty of Versailles Margaret Macmillan

World War I: Ending and Aftermath series (various)

The Weimar Republic: Germany's First Democracy Richard J Evans 

The Russian Revolution series (various)

Britain and Europe series Vernon Bogdanor

Votes for Women Elizabeth Crawford

Colonialism, Black History

Human Traffic: Race and Post-War Migration Policy David Olusoga

Slavery, Memory and Reparations Olivette Otele 

Black Tudors: Three Untold Stories Miranda Kaufmann

Slavery and the City of London Richard Drayton

Tudor History: 

Tudor Festival Series (various lecturers)

Cultural History

Exploring the Body series Joanna Bourke

Understanding Human Violence series Joanna Bourke

Men in Black and Women in Red: Fashion, Art and Modernity in the 19th century series Lynda Nead

History of Religion/ Philosophy

Origins of Atheism Alec Ryrie

Extreme Christianity Alec Ryrie

History of Architecture and Heritage

A History of English Architecture: 410AD to 2013 series Simon Thurley

Great Historical Figures

Nelson Mandela Elleke Boehmer

The Monarchy (series) Vernon Bogdanor