For non-legal citizenship resources try:  

Major Debates in Public Health Chris Whitty includes a lecture on Vaccination (2021)

Intergenerational Justice series Martin Daunton

Lectures about working in law in general

An Insider's Guide to Working as a Barrister Jo Delahunty QC

How I Became a Barrister Jo Delahunty QC, Mass Ndow-Njie, Derek Sweeting QC, Brie Stevens-Hoare QC, Toby Coupe

Sex Death and Witchcraft: What Goes on in The Family Court Room? Jo Delahunty QC

Law and Lawyers: Not All Bad? Geoffrey Nice QC

Advocacy Geoffrey Nice QC

Cases I have Known Geoffrey Nice QC

The Politics of the Courtroom series Thomas Grant QC (looks at the Political Lawyer, juries, judges, judicial appointments, 2021)

Diversity, Black Lives Matter and Women at the Bar

Restraining Police Restraint Leslie Thomas QC, 2021

100 Years of Women in Law Jo Delahunty QC

Sexual Harassment at the Bar Jo Delahunty QC

Women Lawyers: Equals at the Bar? Jo Delahunty QC 

Issues: Legal Aid, Digital, Wellbeing, State deaths and their investigation

Death, The State and Human Rights  series Leslie Thomas QC

The Law is Broken: The Future of Legal Aid  Jo Delahunty QC

Wellbeing at the Bar: Is a Legal Aid Lawyer's Work All Stress and Distress? Jo Delahunty QC

Three lectures about Justice Online Joshua Rozenberg QC (Hon) 

Lectures on international criminal court/ war crimes/ potential crimes against humanity

The End of Slobodan Milosevic  Geoffrey Nice QC

Organ Transplants and Human Rights Abuses in China Geoffrey Nice QC and Martin Elliott