The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain

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The fourth edition of The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, edited by Sir Roderick Floud, Professor Jane Humphries and Professor Paul Johnson, has involved many leading economic historians in the UK, Europe and the USA, incorporating much new research. 

The new edition will be launched at Gresham College, beginning with a short lecture by Sir Andrew Dilnot, followed up by two presentations by other authors (one from Vol. 1 covering 1700-1870 and one from Vol. 2 covering 1870-2010).

Followed by a drinks reception ending at 8pm, supported by the publishers, Cambridge University Press.


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This event was on Wed, 24 Sep 2014

Professor Sir Roderick Floud FBA

Professor Sir Roderick Floud FBA

Provost of Gresham College

Professor Sir Roderick Floud FBA is an Honorary Fellow of Gresham College having served as the Provost of Gresham College between 2008 and 2014, taking...

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Sir Andrew Dilnot

Andrew is a British economist and broadcaster. He is the former director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Principal of St Hugh's College, Oxford. 

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Nicholas Crafts

Nicholas is Professor of Economics and Economic History at the University of Warwick. His main fields of interest are the British economy in the last 200...

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Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor

Dr Shaw-Taylor is a senior lecturer in Eighteenth and Nineteenth century British economic and social history at the University of Cambridge.

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Professor Jane Humphries

Professor Humphries is Professor of Economic History at All Souls College, University of Oxford. 

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