Digital Listening: The Future of Music in the Age of Digital Fragmentation

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It’s a tough time to be a listener. Our present-day cultures of listening are radically fragmented, as our time and attention are fractalised into bits of information. What’s the future of listening? What will happen to the ways we give attention to music in the future? Our conclusion might be that an expanded definition of listening - an active, participative, engaged listening - can save our digital and musical futures from the fates they seem to be facing.

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This event was on Mon, 13 May 2019

Tom Service

Tom Service

Professor of Music

Professor Tom Service was Gresham Professor of Music in 2019

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Neil Luck

Neil is a composer, performer and director based in London. He founded the experimental music ensemble ARCO, and co-founded the artist cooperative and net-label squib-box with Adam de la Cour and Federico Reuben.

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Dr Federico Reuben

Federico is a composer, sound artist and live-electronics performer. His work includes compositions for acoustic, electroacoustic and mixed ensembles, live electronic improvisations, computer-mediated performances, fixed media, hybrid works, installations, collaborations and computer programs.

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Chihiro Ono

Chihiro is a sought-after Violinist and a Violist, and a Baroque Violinist, performing and broadcasting on Stages, Radio and TV across the world.

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