Tailor-Made Drugs?

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Because we are not all alike in our reactions to drug therapies, prescribing today is still something of a hit and miss business. Pharmacogenetics (as the other hot research activity alongside pharmacogenomics) offers through genetic profiling to match drugs and patients better. Does the technology of SNPS offer a win/win development for both clinicians and patients? Or are there as yet unseen biological and social aspects which could take the shine off what otherwise appears to be an entirely welcome development?

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This event was on Mon, 05 Mar 2001

hilary rose

Professor Hilary Rose

Professor of Physic

Hilary Rose has published extensively in the sociology of science from a feminist perspective and has held numerous appointments in the UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Norway, Finland and at the Swedish...

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professor steven rose

Professor Steven Rose

Professor of Physic

Professor Steven Rose is a Professor of Biology and Neurobiology at the Open University and University of London. Rose read Biochemistry at King's College, Cambridge and Neurobiology at Cambridge and the Institute...

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