The Tudor Port of London: Boats & Barges

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This conference presents an overview of the Tudor Port, the success of which depended on men like Thomas Gresham. The papers will provide an archaeological focus on the harbour, its building, its shipping and the evidence for traffic trade. It complements and extends the picture developed in the lecture series that looked at recent research on the Sixteenth Century port by distinguished historians.

There will also be an opportunity to see a new display concerning the remains of an armed Elizabethan merchantman, the 'Gresham Ship', discovered in the Thames in 2003.

The talks in this part of the conference include:

Boats and Barges by Damien Goodburn

Ships and Shipping by Jens Auer

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Jens Auer

Jens started working in marine archaeology in 1995 when he joined the Verein fuer Unterwasserarchaeologie MV in Germany.  He completed an MA in underwater archaeology...

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Damian Goodburn

Damian Goodburn

Damian Goodburn is a specialist in the archaeology of early woodworking and shipbuilding, having earned a PhD in the archaeology of medieval boat and shipbuilding practice from...

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