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Portraits of Native Americans from Pocahontas to Sitting Bull

Portrait of Oglala Sioux Council Chief Bone Necklace is a photograph by American School

From 1600 – 1850, artists in England and, later, in North America depicted distinguished Native American tribal leaders, diplomats and warriors to commemorate their significance. Examples include Pocahontas (1617), and nineteenth century Lakota leaders Sitting Bull and Red Cloud.

For many years, these portraits were not properly understood, reducing many of the sitters to simple exemplars of the ‘noble savage’ cliché. In fact, these works are far more interesting once the sitters’ historical situation and agency are restored to them.

Dr Stephanie Pratt

Dr Stephanie Pratt

Dr Stephanie Pratt (Dakota and British/American), formerly Associate Professor (Reader) in Art History at Plymouth University, UK, has worked since her retirement as a cultural...

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