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Twentieth-Century Divas: Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews

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Starring in My Fair Lady (1956), The Sound of Music (1965) and Cinderella (1957) gave Dame Julie Andrews unparalleled profile.

These were among the most successful Broadway, Hollywood and TV musicals of their time. Yet following this golden decade, she made few films and appeared in no Broadway shows during her forties and fifties, typically an artist’s most productive period.

How did she then become one of the most revered female stars of the late twentieth century?

Dominic Broomfield-McHugh

Professor Dominic Broomfield-McHugh

Visiting Professor of Film and Theatre Music

Dominic Broomfield-McHugh is Gresham Visiting Professor of Film and Theatre Music. He is also Professor of Music at the University of Sheffield and is a...

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