Lecture, LSO St Luke's, Thursday, 25 Apr 2024 - 18:00

Musical Consonance and Dissonance: The Good, Bad and Beautifully Ugly

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What makes a piece of music challenging, bland, intriguing, beautiful or ugly?

This lecture explores the concept of ‘musical flavour’ formed by intervallic, rhythmic and timbral components and how they contribute to a sense of consonance and dissonance.

In particular we look at the interval vector, a system by which harmonic objects are analysed as a series of ‘handshakes’ between pitches, providing a measure of harmonic ‘bite’. The ‘Hendrix chord’ is used as a case study of such harmonic flavour.

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Milton Mermikides

Professor Milton Mermikides

Gresham Professor of Music

Milton Mermikides is a composer, guitarist, technologist, academic and educator in a wide range of musical styles and has collaborated with artists and scientists as...

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