I didn’t have any education so I had to use my brain

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Recent research into the educational background of entrepreneurs highlights significant differences over time and between cultures and communities. This research is outlined while the impact of rapid technological change on successful, growth oriented entrepreneurs is explored.

This lecture was a part of the series Education for Enterprise.
The economic success of industrial societies is closely linked with the achievements of entrepreneurs. Wedgewood and Arkwight reshaped their worlds as profoundly as Gates and Noyce are reshaping ours. Many achieved their success and built their businesses around their ability to convert opportunities created by advances in knowledge or understanding into new businesses or industries. Despite that link, the relationship between education and enterprise is poorly understood and often doubted. This series of lectures explores this relationship and builds on the latest research to highlight the likely changes we might expect during a knowledge-based industrial revolution.

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This event was on Wed, 26 Nov 1997

Tom Cannon

Professor Tom Cannon

Professor of Business

Tom Cannon was the Mercers’ School Memorial Professor of Commerce at Gresham College between 1996 and 1999.

He holds Visiting Professorships in Britain, the USA...

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